Roy Adams

A free copy of my novel The boxing Day Fraud for all serving and retired members of the British Armed Forces as my thank you for all you do.

T & C’s

I hope you will enjoy my story of a man led astray by a beautiful woman to a life of crime. You can also give a link to this page to other members of the British Armed Forces both serving and retired.

A friend is allowing me to use his website to enable me to offer this downloadable eBook. As it is on a site that sells items you will need to go through the checkout process but you will not be charged. It will also ask for your details as part of that checkout but they will not be stored or used for any purpose other than to send you the link to download the eBook.

It’s for sale on Amazon but their rules say I cannot give away copies of a novel while it’s for sale on Amazon unless it is for obtaining reviews. So I don’t fall foul of Amazon please submit a review by clicking the link on the last page of the book. It doesn’t need to be long, just one word that describes your opinion will do.

You can also contact me at pointing out any inaccuracies, errors, etc. but I don’t promise to answer every one.

To join the debate on any subject raised in the novel or to just make a comment, visit my Facebook page.

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The biggest fraud to ever hit the British High Street