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 Price per set £34.00


Approx. 8” (20 cm) high

 Price per set £44.00


Approx. 10” (25 cm) high

 Price per set £54.00


Approx. 17.5” (45 cm) high

 Price per set £99.00

Small nativity sets. The tallest king is approx. 6” (15 cm) and primarily made for a small room. Many homes simply do not have the space to display a large or even a medium size set and have to fit into our lifestyle.

Medium nativity sets. The tallest king is approx. 8” (20 cm) and is ideal for most homes where space is not a problem.

Large nativity sets. The tallest king is approx. 10” (25 cm) and is the perfect size for a large room. This size is popular with schools and small chapels where space is limited.

School nativity sets. The tallest king is approx. 14” (36 cm) and is the normal choice for schools and chapels.

Church nativity sets*. The tallest king is approx. 17.5” (45 cm) and is the choice for big churches or large chapel.

*The church nativities are made to order and can take several weeks to produce. Click here to contact me by email to agree a delivery date.

Each set contains eleven figures - Mary, Joseph and Jesus with the three wise men, a camel, a shepherd, a sheep, a lamb and a donkey. Delivery is normally made within 5 days of order, however at Christmas, delivery can take much longer.

Which size and where to place your nativity. When choosing the size to order consider where you are going to place your nativity set. If you want to  create a major impact choose the next size up, if it will fit, position it in a dark area, then light it with a single spotlight. My sets are displayed in many ways, just look at the Gallery to see how some customers have displayed their sets and I will be pleased to include a picture of how you display yours.

I believe my nativity sets will fit into any interior design whether it is traditional or modern; home, school or church. I don’t like modern mass-produced nativities as I think they can be treated as just part of the festive decorations, like the Christmas tree or the tinsel with the true meaning lost. I believe it represents the bringing together of the family and I hope that in years to come your children and grandchildren will look upon your set as a family heirloom and remember grandma putting it out at Christmas.

Every piece is handmade by me in Nottinghamshire from salvaged solid pine and painted with environment/child friendly paint. As everything is handmade, sizes are approximate and can vary.

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Approx. 6” (15 cm) high

All prices are plus delivery click here for current rates

My nativity sets are available in five sizes

Handmade Nativity Sets


Approx. 14” (35 cm) high

 Price per set £79.00

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