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Low Carbon Footprint

It is now generally accepted that reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is an important factor in the fight against global warming. The first way we can all help is by buying goods that have been manufactured locally and not been transported half way round the world. The second and perhaps the more important is that the goods come from a renewable resource. If this can be enhanced by removing carbon from the atmosphere for the life of the goods it helps enormously.

Locking up carbon

Carbon from the atmosphere is locked in wood by photosynthesis as a tree grows. In managed forests trees are a renewable resource in that for every tree cut down three are planted in their place. This is very positive as it is scientifically agreed that young trees absorb more carbon dioxide than older trees. Therefore the use of wood in manufacturing, rather then say plastic, effectively removes carbon from the atmosphere.

How are we reducing our carbon footprint?

The wood we use is reclaimed wood, which otherwise would be burnt, releasing the carbon to the atmosphere. With our figures being made in Nottinghamshire and delivery to you by Royal Mail the delivery footprint is also as small as possible. We even use the waste from making our figures to heat our home in a wood burner, reducing our carbon footprint even further by not using fossil fuels.

This makes our figures the ideal ‘green’ gift

Reducing Carbon Emissions