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Bird nesting boxes

This heavy duty blue bird nest box is approx. 12 inches high x 6 inches deep x 6 inches wide and made form solid pine for long life.

It is perfect for blue, coal and marsh tits and are in accordance with RSPB recommendation the bottom of the entrance hole is 125 mm from the floor of the nest-box. If it's less, young birds might fall out or be scooped out by a cat.

Price £24.00 each plus delivery

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Blue bird nest box Grey bird nest box Brown bird nest box Green bird nest box Pink bird nest box Unpainted bird nest box Yellow bird nest box

My wife won in a raffle a very elaborate nest box that just fell to bits after a year. This inspired me to make a box that would last many years so birds can get used to it as they returned year after year. The boxes are available in a range of colours, blue, green, yellow, grey, brown, pink and plain wood being inspired by the beach huts at Southwold in Suffolk and are reminiscent of many childhood holidays. They are made from thick red pine that I have salvaged from the building industry and treated with water based Cuprinol wood stain and preserver for long life.